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I knew what was coming the moment I saw the helicopter, but the sheer abruptness of it made me laugh anyway.

Madness. Everywhere and everything is Madness. I see it with my eyes, I hear it in my ears, I feel it in my bones. It is all and everlasting. Madness.

That is what came to mind when trying to explain how this is an absolute trip in the best possible way. You've definitely got my vote for the best animation.

(highlight for me was the MC pulling the 'bullet hole' object off his own body)

Pretty ambitious, though I do think there is a lot of room to improve.

People are saying the combat's slow, but I think it's more that grunts are just getting shot and dying. There's very little dodging or other moving around, and not enough is happening. There are a couple of moments of movement, like when the MC dives for the uzi in the second room, and those look great.

Also, having the MC look the same as everyone else makes it easy to lose track of them. The first secret passage fight is the biggest offender. I know having a stylized MC is overdone, but there's a reason everyone does it.

You've got potential, that's why I gave a more critical review. Hope to see you refine your craft going forward.

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I wasn't expecting much, but this turned out to be quite a twisting tale.

This is really ambitious! Lots of cool stuff here. 3rd area boss is annoying since you can only shoot left. Looking forward to how this project goes!

Honestly, I thought the story in the description was more fun than the game. (then again, that could be the point)

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I actually like the Ai's version a little more with this one. I think it's a mix of the abstract design and a differently-colored background that looks a little better. With that said, the actual machine's design is my favorite of the collection.

Cardbordtoaster responds:

There's something very strong about the original AI image. Erie and imposing. Perhaps I will try to capture something closer to its mood someday.

With this one, I like your take a lot more than the AI's. It's a lot more detailed.

It's mostly the same concept, but your work and the AI's are so different. Yours seems like something an indie game would show as promo art, while the Ai's feels more ethereal and mysterious. Both are great in their own ways.

I generally keep to myself. Grew up with flash games since I was a kid. In addition to gaming, I'm also a solid writer.

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